Bilna Sandeep

Bilna Sandeep is the founder of this blog. She is a Civil Engineer by profession who is currently on a career break to enjoy the joys of motherhood with her almost 2 year old naughty little boy. During her free time, she loves to write, blog and speak up for the causes she care for in the society. Read More About Bilna Here

“Travelling in the company of those we love, is Home in Motion!”

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Travel is something that we all love. We have evolved from travelling solo, to travelling as a couple to travelling as a family. As life moves on, our travel patterns might change. We have been living the life of Nomads. For that past few years, we have been eating, living and travelling in and around Abu Dhabi with occasional trips to other places around the world. Travelling with kids is not always easy. But it is an experience to cherish for a life time. For yourself and your kids. Travelling could be the local visits to international flights. We have been putting together our experiences and resources together in this online journal of ours.

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Join us as we tell you the stories of our little adventures as a family of 3.