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Bilna Sandeep is the founder of this blog. She is a Civil Engineer by profession who is currently on a career break to enjoy the joys of motherhood with her almost 2 year old naughty little boy. During her free time, she loves to write, blog and speak up for the causes she care for in the society. Read More About Bilna Here

Tasty Recipes that are Quick and Easy to try at home.

Before you proceed, there’s something I want to tell you. I am not a professional cook. Neither can I say that I am a passionate cook. I love to cook, (but not the cleaning, and cutting and other stuffs that accompanies. I have been bitten by the Lazy Bug since childhood). So what am I doing here, sharing recipes and trying to sound professional???

I happened to marry a man who loves “Food”. He would wake up in the middle of the night and ask me, “what’s for breakfast tomorrow”? So during the initial days of our marriage, I realized to earn his love I would need to cook. But the Lazy Bug still exists. I try my best to research for recipes online as well as through my mom and MIL for recipes that would let me survive the Foodie I am married to. By the way, I myself am a Foodie who is too lazy to cook. You will see me eat a whole big meal and still look around for more, when I am at home with mom.

And as time passed, god gifted us a little naughty prankster. So it became more of a necessity for myself to cook healthy meals for the Daddy – Son duo. So here I am trying to balance my Lazy hormones and love for these two men in my life. There are so many failed attempts and cooking disasters from my kitchen which makes me hide under the blanket. But then when something turns out good, I feel like a Super Model on the ramp, who’s just been crowned, Miss Universe!! So to celebrate the victory of those recipes that turned out good and to keep those recipes documented for myself and others (who might be as lazy as me), I put them down on my blog.

So a final note to all those who tries to bug my hubby , when his food blogger wifey don’t send him a tasty lunch ( or sometimes no lunch at all) here’s what happened. We had a Cooking Disaster or I got bitten by the lazy bug big time!!

P.S. And I love clicking pictures of every recipe that turns out good at our home or during our eat outs. My best tools are my Nikon D3200 for Recipes at home, My Samsung Galaxy E7 or Hubby’s I-phone for our Eats outs. You can follow me on Instagram to have an overload of all those clicks.

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