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Bilna Sandeep

Bilna Sandeep is the founder of this blog. She is a Civil Engineer by profession who is currently on a career break to enjoy the joys of motherhood with her almost 2 year old naughty little boy. During her free time, she loves to write, blog and speak up for the causes she care for in the society.

Monsoon breeze is a Life Style Blog, that tries to cover the topics of Parenting, Travel and Cuisine in particular, along with other stories from around the world.

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Who’s behind the blog Monsoon Breeze?

This blog was started by Bilna Sandeep in October 2014.


Bilna Sandeep“I had no idea where I am headed to when I started this blog. At first it was about my Parenting journeys and a little bit of my experiments in the kitchen. Later on it evolved into a complete lifestyle blog covering Expat life especially in the Middle East, Parenting articles, Reviews, Eating Out experiences, Travel, Recipes and lots more..Some of my readers took an interest to be a part of our team and now we have a lovely team of writers too on board.”Bilna Sandeep (Read More here)

 What’s Monsoon Breeze Now?

Monsoon breeze is a Life Style Blog mainly concentrating on the Indians in Middle East, that tries to cover the topics of Parenting, Travel and Cuisine in particular, along with other stories from around the world. 

We often miss the stories from our home, those traditional and authentic cuisine, those festivals back home, those monsoons and those beautiful nature. We try to cherish those nostalgic memories through our posts and at the same time try to bring you beautiful stories happening in the Middle East to make our life in the Arabian Sands even more colorful…

Middle East! Rightly said, is where the East and the West Merges in terms of Culture, Traditions, Fashion, Life style, Food, Trade, Business and everything.

However, in between all the busy schedules, in this part of the world, life moves a little too fast. Monsoon Breeze! The cool breeze that blows just before the rain soothing your mind, body and soul! To cope up with the busy schedules of an everyday expat life, let’s find a community to sit back and relax! Enjoy a cup of coffee and read our stories from around the world, especially from your home…

Let the Monsoon Breeze Drench the Hearts and Souls of the Arabia 🙂

Sit back and relax. Let this be a place for you to unwind. Get little ideas to spice up your free time. From books to little fun activities to tips and tricks to save your time and money during busy days..Health and beauty to parenting tips..art and craft ideas..those little easy dishes to add to your culinary skills.. Find anything and everything here.

You are welcome to share your valuable experiences too. This is not just a blog. Let this be a community for like minded people to exchange your ideas for a better life.

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