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Ganesha Art - Meenakshi's Creativity

Bilna Sandeep

I am a Civil Engineer by profession who is also in love with putting my words together to help people I come across. After taking a career break and being a Stay At Home Mom for almost 2 years, I recently got back to work. I love to motivate and help boost up the confidence of other mothers in pursuing their passion be it in their Career or in starting their own Business.

Today we bring to you, yet another Lady Entrepreneur – Meenakshi who did her Masters in Finance, but chose to pursue her passion for Art. Read along. Here’s the story of another mom, who chose to be the boss of her own life.

Hi …a very warm welcome to our blog….we are all excited to hear a little brief about your business from yourself….

Thank you so much. I am really honored that you make me part of your Lady entrepreneur series.

Meenakshi's Creativity

Meenakshi’s creativity is online art portal. It’s a place where you can shop handmade art work which includes acrylic paintings, doodling, Ganesh sketches, pencil sketch, explosion box, Greeting cards and so on. Each and every piece is handmade and created by me which will help you to decorate your home.

I can see you are an all rounder in arts…you are good with the painting..doodling..creative crafts and so much more..how do you drive inspiration for all your works of art?

Painting and crafting are my hobbies since my childhood, I grow up watching two creative ladies which are my mom and Massi both of them inspired me. But it was my husband who actually spotted a creative person in me and asked me to create a page and took my passion to the next level. Well, and things got commercial from then. I am a self-taught artist and that appreciation which I got from my followers on my page helped me to learn and create more art forms.

Meenakshi's Creativity

Would you like to share with us the experience of one your favorite works and a pic?

Actually, for an artist, it is hard to choose one as a favorite piece because everything is close to my heart but this one is special for me as this is the first piece I sold when I started my business.

Ganesha Art - Meenakshi's Creativity

Do you create custom designs for your customers? How is the process done from inception to sale?

Yes, I do, like doodling, name in Ganesha idol and so on it’s purely based on customer specification and demand. I listen & understand what my customer exactly want and then I give them a rough idea how the product will look like and process the final product.

What are your best marketing strategies….

My marketing strategy is to be active on social media as Meenakshi’s creativity is still young company so my main focus is to reach out more people through my Facebook page. Social media helps people to get recognition. Same like an aspiring artist like me who got spotted by one of the websites who podcast the interview of my art journey. My marketing strategy is to fill my Facebook page with more of art post which will help me to connect to more people.

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Wall Art - Meenakshi's Creativity

Would you mind sharing a bit about your family….

I am a new Mom; my daughter is 8-month-old and wife of a wonderful and supportive husband. Back in India, I have my in laws, my sister in law, brother in law, my Mom and dad, my 2 elder brothers, sister in laws and two cutest nieces.

Wall Art - Meenakshi's Creativity

How do you find time for your works and growing your business, with a little baby at home?

Actually I was in 9 to 5 job for about 7 years before my daughter born but still, I always have time for brushes & paint. After my daughter born I want to be with her & want to enjoy motherhood but at the same time, I want to do something for myself. I took over my passion for paint seriously, there were days when I work overnight to complete order but I enjoyed it. All you need is little time management & hunger to do something to make your own identity.

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Wall Art - Meenakshi's Creativity

What plans do you have to grow your business in the next 5 years…

Meenakshi’s creativity is still too young, its long way to go. We have already started creating a path for our journey.
We are working on our YouTube channel named Meenakshi’Creativity.
Online tutorials are in progress, we are advertising our products in advertising pages and groups in social media and in future, we are in planning to showcase our artwork in art exhibitions. At the same time, I am learning more art form by myself to add on my creative skills. Lots of things are coming in so stay tuned to Meenakshi’s creativity.

Wall Art - Meenakshi's Creativity

Do you also deliver your works to customers outside UAE? How do you find your right customers?

Yes, I do. I have delivered my paintings to USA, South Africa, West Indies and India. I find my customer through my page and some are through my colleagues from my past companies. Friends n family also supported me.

Wall Art - Meenakshi's Creativity

Lastly, what would be your advice to aspiring women who plan to start a new business?

Believe in yourself, do what makes u happy. Success and failure are part of life but what matters is that you keep on trying. One day success will be yours.

So what are you guys waiting for? If you would like to order one of her lovely art works, here’s how to do it. Find her on Facebook or get in touch with her.

  • Phone: 00971561346812
  • Email: meenkshigudadhe@gmail.com

 And hey she has a Youtube channel too 🙂

Wall Art - Meenakshi's Creativity

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