Check out these stuffs you can Buy from India for Pre-Schoolers (and save a few bucks)

Best Buys from India for Pre-School Kids

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The schools are closed and summers are here. This is the time most of us head home for our vacations. Well, we are still here in the sandpit exploring around Dubai. However for those of you heading to India. I have a few really great picks for you. When it comes to Kids books and toys, I am a fan of Onilne shopping. While buying from here, I either buy from or Mumzworld. You can now use my DISCOUNT CODE monsoonbreeze10 to get a 10% discount on your purchases at Mumzworld. When it comes to shopping from the stores, I love the books and puzzles available for all age groups at Borders Stores. 

But if you are heading to India, or if you have a friend or relative coming from India, I would definitely recommend you buy from Flipkart or These are very much cheaper options compared to what you buy here.

So find below our favorites:


Here I am mentioning the books that we love. From Baby to Pre-School ages, as my experience is with these books. But you have plenty of options fo books and toys for all ages. Just look around and you will find them.

A Very Hungry Caterpillar

I am a big fan of the Board Book version of this book. Don’t buy the very big one. Buy this size, which fits the little hands. They are good to teach a little story of how a butterfly grows out from the Caterpillar, and also covers the concept of a few fruits, numbers as well as days of the week. Depending on the age of your kids, you can teach them each concept. Every time I read through this one, I discover a new hidden concept. Best Buys from India for Kids - Very Hungry Caterpillar


The Very Hungry Caterpillar became such a hit with the kids that they have evolved to be a brand. There are also so many versions and varieties of this book available now. I haven’t yet tried them out.

Other set of our Favorites are Peppa Pig Board Books. These cute little story books with full of picture illustration are a big hit with my boy. Peppa Pig: My Best Teacher and Peppa’s Big Race are the copies that we have at home. My next plan is to buy My Granny, My Mummy and so many more available. They can be available on Flipkart as well. For those of you who do not have a choice to buy from India, they are available here in Dubai at Borders stores across UAE or can be bought from  You can avail a 10% discount with my code – monsoonbreeze10.

Peppa Pig - Best Buys from India for Pre-School Kids

Wooden Puzzles:

I love the finger wooden puzzle we got from Flip kart. They help the little ones learn to count the numbers using fingers.  So many more lovely wooden puzzles are available on both Amazon and Flipkart that are so creative and lovely for the little hands. Let them learn through play.
Best Buys from India for Pre-School Kids - Wooden Puzzle

Pretend Play Toys

Summers here are the time we parents struggle to find indoor activities for the kids that are entertaining for them. My son is turning 4 this month and he loves pretending to be a doctor lately. The interests keep changing and these pretend play toys are great fro the little minds.

Listing below a few more pretend play sets for your little ones.


What are your favorite stuffs to grab for your kids on a visit to India or get them through your friends or relatives? Let me know. Follow me on Instagram for our everyday updates 🙂

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