Our Move to Dubai : The Good, the Not so Good and the Unexpected

Our Move to Dubai

Bilna Sandeep

Bilna Sandeep is the founder of this blog. She is a Civil Engineer by profession who is currently on a career break to enjoy the joys of motherhood with her almost 2 year old naughty little boy. During her free time, she loves to write, blog and speak up for the causes she care for in the society. Read More About Bilna Here

I know its been quite long I posted something in here. Some of you already know about our move from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Though both cities are only an hour or two apart by road, both in the same country, with so many things in common, our life seems to have changed drastically. Abu Dhabi had been our home for more than 5 years and leaving it all for a new adventure, was a decision hard to make. Especially with the fact that my husband still works in Abu Dhabi, added to our tough decision making times. Nevertheless, we made the decision and are living the pros and cons of it.

If I were to weigh all the good and the not so good things happening in our life after the move, I am still not yet in a position to say this was the best decision of our life. But well, but not a bad one either. We are living the adventure everyday.

Let’s talk about the Good First!

The two major factors I considered for the move was my Career and my Son. As for my career, this new role I have in Dubai is definitely a new and challenging one with more responsibilities and new horizons to look forward to. And for the second part, well it was for our little boy. Many of you already know about the issues we faced regarding his late speaking. Most of the issues we faced from the fact that we were not able to give him enough exposure to a lot of people. The fact that we have a lot of our close friends and family in Dubai, is now giving a lot a chances for my son to slowly improve his talking skills, his social behavior and a lot more. I can see he has become a lot more naughty too now which is something I appreciate 🙂

And yes, I know this beautiful city of Dubai has a lot more places to see and explore for us a s a family and we look forward to every moment of it.

And I tell you, the life here tends to make me a bit of lazy! I doubt. We have every store nearby our Apartment and almost everything is just a phone call away. During our hunt for Apartments, I also found most of the buildings come with a Pool, Gym and a Free Parking, which was not the case in Abu Dhabi. Well, now having a Gym, did not make my Fitness Goals attainable in anyway though!! Sigh!! Well, I realize the problem is not with the Gym. It’s the lazy soul living inside me!!

And the Not so Good?

Well, yes. The fact that Mr. Hubby is away. We get to see him only for the weekends. Thanks for the Ramadan work hours now. We get to see him quite more often. And one thing everyone knows before moving from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is the Traffic jams. So I do not want to include it in the “Not so Good List”. That was something we had expected and we know we have to live by it.

Life is lot more easier with the GPS Navigation on phone. But still, for the first few weeks after our move, I found myself getting lost almost every time I took my car out of the parking. I even lost my way while going to the office from my home. It took some time for my brain to get used to understand what the GPS Navigation guides and how to apply it on the roads here. Now things seems to be working better now.


While in Abu Dhabi, having a premium Health insurance policy means, you rarely have to wait at the hospital counters, when you go with an Appointment. I do not know, if it is the case with every Hospital here in Dubai. I have been to two Hospitals which is kind of well reputed here. And the systems seems to be working simply different here. You can’t get out of the place without spending at least a half day! Every step, they will tell you they need an insurance approval. Even after the card clearly mentioning that the treatments have been covered under our policy, they keep you waiting for eternity. And then to speed up the things, I kept calling our Insurance Provider directly and realize almost every time that the hospital had not yet forwarded a request to them! So getting sick, going to hospital everything seems to be a nightmare for me.

Maybe I am far too stressed about it. I might get used to it, like I got used to the Roads and the Traffic.

More stories and Adventures coming soon! Stay Tuned. Do follow me on Instagram and Facebook for everyday updates 🙂

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