“Felt it with Love” from a Mompreneur | The Lady Entrepreneur Series

"Felt it with Love" from a Mompreneur | The Lady Entrepreneur Series


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Today we bring to you a mom, who started off a brand new business that grew out of her love for her son. Combining passion, art and her love of creating activities for her little boy, came the idea of quiet books. Let’s welcome Suji Mohan on our blog. Suji lived with her hubby in Singapore before shifting back to India and she started off with “Felt it with Love”, an online store for custom made Quiet Books. Read more of her story here.

 "Felt it with Love" from a Mompreneur | The Lady Entrepreneur Series

Hey there, Would you mind sharing a little about your Business to our Readers.

I run an online store, “Felt it with love” for handmade quiet books. A quiet book is a book filled with quiet activities for children. Quiet books can be made for kids of any age.

 "Felt it with Love" from a Mompreneur | The Lady Entrepreneur Series

We feature on quiet books made using quality, durable and child-friendly materials.All our quiet books are handmade & customized exclusively based on each little one’s interest. Each book from our store is made with lots of care and a touch of motherly love 🙂

Now we’re expanding our venture by making more kids oriented cool stuffs like alphabet hanging, play mat, crayons art folio, customised name banner, felt cot mobile & toy storage baskets as kids room decor.

How did the idea of “felt with love” come up??? Do you have a Brand story to share?

It was not a planned venture. I had a passion for creative works in my childhood days. My son Mithun is my first inspiration to this venture. When my son was around 1-year-old, I thought about how could I keep him busy and engrossed in doing some activities that will aid in fun learning. Hence I just started doing a quiet book for my little love. My son totally loved it and he played with this book more than 30 minutes daily, which is a big deal 🙂

"Felt it with Love" from a Mompreneur | The Lady Entrepreneur Series

I shared this happiness with my friends. They all motivated me to take orders. So hence “Felt it with love” Facebook page was launched.

I choose the name “Felt it with love” because felt is the main raw material for quiet-book and of course I make these books with all my love for the kids.

With so many online stores for kids around, how do you make yourself stand out in the crowd?

My end product quiet book is going to be played by little hearts. Keeping this in my mind, I closely observed my boy & other kid’s interests, which activity they are more engrossed to explore and analyze their attention span. Following the curious hearts is the key thing that makes me unique 🙂 So I insist my clients to explain more about their kids’ interests and likes.

"Felt it with Love" from a Mompreneur | The Lady Entrepreneur Series

What makes your Business Challenging and how do you overcome them?

Business challenges are inevitable, but never fear them. We mompreneurs have a way of maneuvering through all that life throws at us and overcoming even the toughest of challenges.

Finding the time.

This is major but is probably even more important than creating routines.

Change, tweak, rearrange until you are able to find the time to accomplish what you need to. Sometimes you’ll need to get up earlier and sometimes you’ll need to go to bed later.  You may need to cut out some activities from your life. Do what needs to be done in order to get where you need to go.


How do you pick such awesome and unique designs and brands for the store? Where do you source them from?

Nothing is outsourced one. Everything is handmade with love 🙂


What is your best strategy for promoting the Business?

Totally I rely on online sales. I have an official Facebook page, where I keep on updating my quiet book works. Those posts have been shared in parenting Facebook groups. Many impressed clients, have referred my page to other fellow mommies too.

Would you mind sharing a little about both your families?

Basically I’m from Kanyakumari, southmost tip of India.

My husband is Mohan Selvarajan, an encouraging soulmate. I have a 3-year-old mischievous little boy Mithun.

My parents are big blessings in my life, who always stand as my pillars of strength and two lovable sisters are best critics of whatever I do 🙂

How do you manage and balance your time as a mom and a Business woman?

It’s really a challenging task to perform dual role 🙂 I sort out my priorities, set boundaries and make time to take care of myself.

What are your Future plans and vision for your business? Where do you see yourself and “felt it with love “ in 5 years time?

I want to increase my productivity into manifold. In this one year, my books has reached many countries across the world. In the future upcoming years I want to work hard and spread “ felt it with love “ in every nook & corner of the world.


Recently I got an opportunity through my friend from Dubai, she is going to exhibit my quiet book to Dubai kids expo, which is happening next month. After seeing how it works out, we will implement more on other countries.

"Felt it with Love" from a Mompreneur | The Lady Entrepreneur Series

My business started as a small scale with four employees. In future years, I wish to increase man power by giving opportunity to more rural women.


Lastly, what would be your advice to aspiring women who plan to start a new business?

“Dream, Dream, Dream

Dreams transform into thoughts

and thoughts result in action”

-Abdul Kalam

These are the inspiring words that I keep on saying to myself. Now, “Felt it love” is my dream child. So you too readers dream BIG and succeed in your life 🙂

"Felt it with Love" from a Mompreneur | The Lady Entrepreneur Series

P.S. Dont forget to follow her on her Facebook Page and order a customised Quiet book for your little one 🙂 And hey for more stories and updates from us, do click SUBSCRIBE.

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