The Girl who Dreamt of Paris!

The Girl who dreamt of Paris

Bilna Sandeep

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The Girl who Dreamt of Paris!

“Where would you want to go on a honeymoon?”

2. Switzerland
3. Vienna”

I replied!

Back in my school days, we played this little game. We would draw a few tables, some questions to be answered with three answers each, to complete each column and we would do little maths to arrive at one single answer for each question. And the answers that we arrived at in the end were supposed to predict our Future. The list of questions involved, where do you want to go on a Honeymoon to the colour of your wedding dress to the starting letter of your “Gonna Be Husband”. Sounds so silly now and yet during those days, Paris was one answer I used to pray secretly for , while waiting for the “Future prediction result”, to go on a honeymoon.

Somewhere in those teen years, I was convinced that Paris was the most Romantic Destination for couples. Later on, I happened to opt for French as my second language for my 9th and 10th grade. Though the reason for choosing French was because, it was said that French was easier to score more marks for our Board exams and it happened to be a tradition we all students followed in our school.

Our teacher was the kind of person, who wanted to not only teach us the language. But he also spoke a lot about France, its culture, traditions and a lot more. This decision made me fall in love with France even more.

And the college days, when I happened to read Da Vinci Code and a lot more from Dan Brown. The book took me through different corners of France.

Ever since, France, Paris in particular, has topped my bucket list of places to visit.

Years later, the Honeymoon did not happen in Paris! Neither did any of our planned vacations happened to take us there yet.

Life just got plainly busy and hectic. But still, we always manage to plan a few getaways and trips whenever possible within the time frames and financial constraints. While Paris remains my dream destination, there are a lot of other things I could tick off my bucket list.

Whenever I see a photo of some of my friends making a trip to my city of romance, I see that good old dream of mine coming back to me. So lately I started a little travel piggy bank. It’s not that we couldn’t afford a vacation in France. But it’s ‘been more about the priorities we have had to set for ourselves when it comes to where we are spending all our money.

But I do have a dream. To fly to the city of Romance maybe sometime in the future. And I have been researching on the things to do. If you have been dreaming too, here’s a plan I have for me.

How to get the Cheapest Flight to France?

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What are the Top 5 things to Tick off my Bucket List?

I am the kind of person who would love to roam the streets, where I get to watch the people, their culture, what they eat (and them myself too). I dream of myself roaming the streets of Paris. A few of the top things I would love to tick off my Bucket list goes here.

1. Get a Romantic Click of myself with my love with the most beautiful Eiffel Tower in the background.

The Girl who dreamt of Paris - Eiffel Tower - Paris

2. Get myself to see all the places I picturised in the Da Vinci Code, especially the Louvre Museum.

The Girl who dreamt of Paris - The Louvre Museum - Paris

Other major Places I wish to visit in Paris
  • Notre Dame De Paris
  • Take my boy to the Disney Land, Paris
  • Take a stroll through “La plus belle avenue du monde” or “the most beautiful avenue in the world” – The Champs Elysees
  • And a lot and lot more 🙂 I guess a few days would never be enough 🙂
Time to do a little more things in France, out of Paris
3. Eat my way out in the lovely city of Lyon.

Roam around in the beautiful city of Lyon, which is also a UNESCO world heritage. Eat my way through the best gastronomic outlets throughout the city and also go wine tasting around.

4. A trip to the Normandy Beachside plus a ride along the Cider Route.

There is a lot more I would love to do 🙂 If you have ever been to France, do let me know, what are your favourite places and things to do. If you too have a city you have been longing to go, do share your dreams with me.

The Girl who dreamt of Paris - The Louvre Museum - Paris

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