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ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi

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If I were to sum up our stay at The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi in a line, it would be Fresh Air plus Greenery plus Beautiful Lake. What more would you need to relax during a Summer Vacation and especially when all your needs are taken care of professionally with a touch of luxury!

If you have been following me on Instagram you know the past month was filled with our vacation pics from Kerala. There is both good and bad sides when you are up for a vacation in the hot and humid Summers in Kerala. The best part being you get to see many of the cultural events. Our favorite being Koodalmanikyam Temple Festival. More on it in the coming up posts.

It was our lil SB who made the best of this vacation. In my last post, I had mentioned about my concern on “Can expat life take away “home” from our kids?” Thankfully every vacation of ours in Kerala, assures me that our efforts as parents to let our boy experience and instill in him our love for our home (Kerala) is in the right direction.

We were having tremendously busy days during the first two weeks of vacation at home and we badly wanted a day to just ourself to relax and unwind. So soon after the 10 day Koodalmanikyam Temple Festival we were on the train to Kollam to experience the beauty of the Ashtamudi Lake while being treated at the Raviz Resort.

The Giants line up at the #koodalmanikyam #ulsavam

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The start of our train journey was hearing that the train was delayed by around 2 hours which meant we had to keep lil SB at the station for 2 hours which almost looked like an impossible task at hand. We decided to go back home, have our lunch and get back to catching the train. Things worked and we had a lovely train journey. What I like the most about train travel is you get to meet many new people and sometimes make a good connection with them during those long hours of travel.

At the Kollam Railway station, we decided to take a cab to the Resort. We reached the resort in about 15 to 20 minutes. It wouldn’t have taken that much of time actually. There was a Festival going on in the nearby Church which lead to little of road block on the way. So it was almost 6.30 in the evening when we reached.

The Welcome

The Raviz, Ashtamudi
Welcome to ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi

Lil SB was tired and kind of fussy after the long train journey. I was awed to see the beautiful welcome lobby with the breathtaking lake view. We were given the welcome drink while we completed our welcome documentation taking in the view of the beautiful Ashtamudi Lake.  The staff dealt with our fussy boy pretty well. They helped him feed the fish in the lotus pond at the entrance and he was pretty much excited feeding the “fishy”!!

Our Room

ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi
Our Room

So we retired into our suite and SB got all happy seeing the cozy bed. I was expecting him to doze off in the bed. But it wasn’t over for him. He too couldn’t contain the excitement just like us. He was busy checking out the stuffs around our room.

Dinner Time

After taking rest and freshening up, we headed for the buffet dinner. The dinner was different from what I had expected. Apart from the usual Non vegetarian choices, there were many traditional vegetarian sides prepared in an authentic Kerala Style. And these dishes did not have any excess oil unlike many hotel foods. But I think they offer a different buffet on each day, as our dinner on the second day of stay was called ” Dosa Fest” wherein we got to taste different varieties of Dosa being prepared in front of us.

The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi
The Show piece above the Buffet Counter..

Managing our boy during meal times is the toughest part of travel for us always. Because he is always bursting with energy and never sits. So as usual he opted to run around in the restaurant which meant we had to offer him to watch his favorite videos on his tablet. Thank god we had a good Wifi service also offered which meant he got to choose his favourite videos from YouTube. I know it’s not really a good practice to give in to videos while kids eat. But that seems to be our only choice during our dine outs.

ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi
How about some Fruit Salad after the Dinner??
ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi
And my share of the Dessert

Good Night and Wake Up Views

Post dinner we went back to our room and soon we were all to doze of on our cozy bed. The long travel and the summer had drained out our energy and the bed seemed to be so much cozy for our sleep. I had planned on sleeping for a little long in the morning as every day of our vacation meant a lot of people around at home, relatives and neighbours which meant I couldn’t sleep after a maximum of 7 in the morning. But guess what. I was super excited about the Resort surroundings and the bed seemed to have given me a power sleep. So while my boys were still sleeping I found myself awake at 7 in the morning. Oh boy! I was so happy I did. I woke up to a breath taking view of the lake from our balcony.

The mornings in Kerala are indeed heavenly and when it’s accompanied by a lake view like this, it becomes priceless.

Good Morning #Kollam. … Waking up to a view like this = bliss 💕💕 In Love with this lake view from our balcony at @theraviz #keralavacation

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Before the Daddy Son Duo woke up I made myself a Tea and enjoyed the Lake view from our Balcony. A few of them were already up and having some fun in the pool.

And then both the boys woke up after an hour.

ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi
That’s what we call a Breakfast with a view!!

Breakfast Time

Sometimes all you need is some fresh air! I fell in love with the serene atmosphere and the breeze from the lake around the resort at @theraviz

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So I left the Guys in the room and went for my Break Fast. The breakfast again had both the South Indian and the International Break Fast Buffet Counters.

Time to Explore the Resort

After the Break Fast I went back to our room and freshened up. Then it was time to run around the little one as he explored around the Resort, while hubby had his calm and quite breakfast with the lovely lake view.

ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi
The Beautiful Lotus Pond where our boy got to feed the Fishy! He loved it and kept asking for more Feed !
ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi
The Resort is surrounded on all 3 sides by the lake which means every thing you do, you get to have a Lake View! P.S. I would have loved a game, but as I told you I was busy running around our little explorer. Maybe Next Time??

The more we explored the more he was enjoying it and the more difficult it became to have him sit somewhere. Finally I had to ask the Staff for a Kids plate that I could take around so that I could make him eat his Break Fast. I tell you, Kids love Nature and the beautiful places like this.

The Lunch Time

The Lunch Menu had so many Special Sea food items and a wide variety of Kerala Traditional Dishes to choose from. Myself and Hubby being typical Kerala Food lovers we opted for South Indian Tali Meals.

ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi

The Beautiful Evenings

After retiring in our room for some time, it was time for taking a boat ride through the Ashtamudi Lake. The hotel provides a Boat Ride to the Guests every evening at 4. The cozy breeze of the lake was truly wonderful.

ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi

And experiences like these are totally new to our little boy and he was far excited to see the water and the boat.

ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi

The House boat was very spacious with two floor decks, the bottom one with Air Conditioning Facilities. The weather was so lovely with the evening breeze from the lake that Air Conditioner was no where needed and we kept the windows open to let the Fresh Air in.  The top deck was open to give in the perfect Lake views.

ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi

ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi
And this is a private villa facing the Ashtamudi Lake!! WOWWW!!
ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi
That’s how our resort looks like from the Lake!!

The cool and mild breeze from the Lake made our little explorer fall asleep on daddy’s lap.  So by the time we reached back to the hotel after around 20 minutes of boat ride, it was Chai Time.  The hotel had set up a small Tea Stall by the Lake Side, the traditional Street Food Style. We call it Thattukada in Kerala.

Have a break!! Evening #Chai with Parippuvada! Going #Streetfood Style!! #Latergram from our stay at @theraviz #thattukada

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After the Tea we went back to our room. By then our little explorer was already awake. So we knew what next. Time to Splash in the Pool. 🙂

By the time we were in the pool, it was almost time for Sunset. Little SB and I were splashing around in the kids pool. It seems its around time we could teach him to swim. He was almost floating around with very little help from us. Its always better to teach swimming to the kids early on as they can easily learn at this stage. So definitely I am looking for Kids swimming lessons in Abu Dhabi soon.

ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi

Kids always love the pool and once you put them in, its hard to convince them to get out. Right?

So after all the tantrums and struggles of getting him out of the pool, we took some time for rest, freshened up in our room and went for our dinner. The second day’s Dinner turned out to be “Dosa Fest” where in you could choose from a large variety and versions of Dosa, made on the spot in front of you. 🙂 After the meal, we headed back to our room, got the little prankster into the bed and I got packing for our next day!

And come another beautiful morning, we left to the Kollam Railway Station in the Resort’s Cab, after a sumptuous Breakfast. I am definitely in love with the Ashtamudi Lake and the beautiful resort. There are more luxury resorts by the Raviz Group in Kerala and we plan to visit them during our coming vacations in Kerala.

If you would like to book a stay you may book through Booking.com. They mostly have great deals and discounts. You could also contact the Hotel directly for booking on their website. www.theraviz.com

Do stay Tuned with our travels and tales through our Facebook Page and Instagram.

ITC WelcomHotel The Raviz Resort, Ashtamudi

Note: We were guests of the hotel. However all opinions are our own.

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