6 Simple steps to a Happier YOU!

6 Simple steps to a Happier YOU

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Have you played video games? How many times you restarted the game when you thought you were going to lose? Have you paused the game in-between?

Life is also one type of a game. But do you have any choice to restart it, pause it or delete it? The key to happiness in life is keeping your mind happy and powerful.

Here we bring to you 6 Simple Steps to a Happier YOU

6 Simple steps to a Happier YOU

1.Mind Your Thinking

Every thought in your mind, has an impact and creates energy. Positive thoughts create positive energy and negative thoughts create negative energy. Even negative thinking in your mind may make you a cruel person. So avoid negative thoughts at anytime.

My Personal Tip: I often do self-analysis and try to identify the negative thoughts. I get the help of my family to help me with positive thoughts. Simply spending my time with a friend or a relative who has positive thoughts makes me Happier.

2.Chant Positive Affirmations

Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations such as I’m Strong, I’m powerful and I’ll Achieve. Repeat often these affirmations and get energized.

My Personal Tip: I participated in “ 7 Days Nature Photo Challenge ” in FB. And I posted “ 16 Buddha Ways To Handle Life Easily ” in our What App groups. I enjoyed changing my Whats App Profile every day with one positive affirmation during February 2016. Though these may seem silly, these little things can have a positive impact on your mind, body and soul.

3. De-clutter Your Mind

6 Simple steps to a Happier YOU

Keep only positive memories in your mind. Forget and erase all negative memories. Anger and disappointment will drain your energy. So relieve the burden of pain and let go. Share and rejoice only sweet memories often.

My Personal Tip: Once in a while, I go through old photo albums or mails. It brings me sweet memories and a positive energy. Whenever I call my friends for a little bit of chit chat, it not only helps me keep in touch with them, it also helps give me a positive energy.

4. Happiness Starts Within You

Energy from your thoughts is more powerful to keep yourself and your family happy. Dedicate some time for meditation daily. Always keep smiling and be happy. Eat at least one meal together as a family every day. Play with kids. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Gift your loved ones with your presence and not presents.

My Personal Tip: I love my 30 minutes of Yoga and meditation practice in the early morning. Watching sunrise is my all time favorite activity. Green Tea keeps me charged for the whole day.

5. Relax To Refresh

6 Simple steps to a Happier YOU

Idle mind is a devil’s workshop. So always be cheerful and active. Learn a new language. Join new classes. Enjoy nature. Read good books. Make something useful like an art piece from waste. Listen to music and dance. Cook for your family.

My Personal Tip: I once read a book “ Unposted Letter“, and it had a very positive impact on my thoughts. In my spare time, I also write on my blog. I often go to my relative’s house. Spending time with your loved ones keeps you refreshed.

6. Write Your Heart Out

Keep a journal. Start writing about happy moments, your gratitude lists and ideas daily. Start your personal blog and write your heart out. Write stories and publish them. Create poems and sing with tune. Make a personalized album of your family with your funny and lovely comments.

My Personal Tip: We keep up a Happy Journal in our family. We record all our happy moments of this year in it. At the end of the year, we read through all those blessings and welcome the next year with Gratitude.

What do you do everyday to make your lives Happier? Do share with us your little steps to a Happier Life 🙂

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 6 Simple steps to a Happier YOU

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