Affimity | A New Social Media Platform for Bloggers

Affimity | A New Social Media Platform for Bloggers

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How much more could I stress about the importance of the use of Social Networks to drive traffic to a blog? Most of my articles on Blogging tips here in the blog are more or less concentrated on growing your blog through Social Media Platforms.

It was just recently that I was introduced to this brand new Social Media. Frankly speaking, my first ever thought on seeing this new Social Media was like, “Oh! No. Not other Social Media again”. Because, I have been trying to grow all my networks and a majority of my time spent online goes in promoting and growing all my Social Media Accounts. So one more Media is definitely a time constrain for us bloggers.

This brand new Social Media is still in the “Beta” testing stage. So while I was asked to review this, I decided to give it a go.

A little about the backgrounds of Affimity

Affimity, a Silicon Valley-based startup, with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Bangalore, is a next-gen social network that helps you meet people who share your passions.

Yes! People who share your passions! That is the essence of this brand new platform. While in other Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. we are bombarded by a large scale of information every second (we like it or not). If one of our friends are to share a story, then it pops up on our timeline. But for Affimity, it works on the principle of our good old TV viewing experience. You choose the channel you want to see.

Affimity has a number of Channels based on Interests and you get to choose the ones you want to see.

The User Experience

So to begin with testing Affimity, I started with an account. Starting the account went pretty simple and easy.

Once you are signed up, you get to choose the channels of your interest. Here are the ones I chose:

  • Food
  • Parenting
  • At Home Moms
  • Working Moms
  • Travel
  • Careers
  • Fashion
  • Digital Life
  • Beauty
  • Random Thoughts
  • DIY

These are the ones I chose as my channels.

Out of them, you also get to choose your favorites and they appear on your home screen as below.

Upon choosing one of them, you get to see the Topics posted under them by different users. There are 4 tabs to choose from  à BUZZ, NEW, PICKS, QUESTIONS

And I tried sharing a few of my posts from the blog on different channels. The moment I shared, I could get very good responses. People are liking and commenting on them pretty fast. And another interesting factor being, unlike twitter and other social media networks, our posts do not sink inside the big pool of information. This could be partly because this is still in the Beta Testing stage and the number of users are lesser compared to other Social Media Networks.

I found myself getting likes and comments even few days after posting the updates.

We also have the option to add people to our network as friends and we could choose to see the posts from them just like other Social Media Platforms.

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Affimity App

Affimity also has their mobile App, which looks very Sleek and attractive. I installed the same on my phone and I found it easier to use from my mobile than desktop, just like all other Social Networks.

You get to choose your channels and browse through the topics posted just like you would flip through the pages of a book. You have the option to comment, like or click through to the articles on the blogs through this.

Here’s one of my posts on Affimity. I just shared the link and left off. But I already have a good interaction without any promotion from my side.

Why You should use Affimity?

Affimity is still in the Beta testing stage and they are collecting the user experiences to improve. The major highlight being “Interest Based” social media platform, i.e. you get to browse through the channels of your interest, this platform has a great potential to grow.

The platform being totally new, it hasn’t yet been commercialized. The chances for you to grow your network organically is higher here and the competition is lesser. Once the interest of the people shifts through to this platform, chances are Big Brands will soon start taking over the platform for their campaigns and you have ample of time before that to grow yourself to be an authority in this new world.

As influencers and bloggers, it is more important for us to foresee where the Social Media trends are leading to. If you can grow and be an expert here, you can actually grow with the platform.

Plus, I only used the platform for 2 days. I just posted a few updates and those links from the blog are still bringing me in traffic to my blog even after few days. This means if I were to actively participate, I would rather be able to easily master this network and drive more traffic into the blog, with lesser efforts.

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Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post. However all words and opinions are my own.

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Affimity | A New Social Media Platform for Bloggers

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