So what’s the best gift for your Man?

Best Gift for your Man

Bilna Sandeep

I am a Civil Engineer by profession who is also in love with putting my words together to help people I come across. After taking a career break and being a Stay At Home Mom for almost 2 years, I recently got back to work. I love to motivate and help boost up the confidence of other mothers in pursuing their passion be it in their Career or in starting their own Business.

We say it’s a man’s world out there. Yet, when it comes to gifting and shopping, it indeed has remained a woman’s world. We always talk about making “her day” special. The variety of gifts we find for women at a shop are in fact so many, that its much easier to impress a woman.

So quite a few of you are by now familiar with the kind of love at my household. We haven’t been getting really hyper about most occasions. So for my last birthday, I had spent it away from my hubby with my parents in Bahrain. And when I was back after my one month vacation, I found this lovely diamond ring waiting for me, which was totally unexpected of him. So yeah, like I said there are some little moments that we make an exception and actually gift each other.

Chocolates and Perfumes for him??

When it comes to making his days special, I get far too skeptical. He’s not that “soft and sweet” kind of guy. You cannot impress him by giving a chocolate or even an expensive perfume.

His Favorite Toolkit?

But yeah, being a Mechanical engineer, he has a natural instinct towards gifting anything that comes in the range of tool kits. He’s the kind of guy who would be happy to spend hours in the shops selecting even a small screwdriver for household use. He could go on and on for hours, if you were to ask him about his precious collection of tools. But just because of his love and in depth knowledge about tools, I would hardly dare to gift him a tool set, for my proficiency is far too less in his “precious” department.

Cook for him?

Another option that I can of course try is cooking something special for his day. That would be a sure shot way to get his attention. Lately our date nights mean, having a special home cooked meal late night for the weekends, watching TV, while our little boy is already sleeping. And that’s our one chance to unwind. And this is mostly accompanied by a drink.

How about something more Daring?

Gifting industry is becoming quite a trend in India lately. And thinking out of the box and finding the perfect gifts for men is now becoming easier. Lately United Spirits has unveiled their latest Scotch Whiskey Collection, which stands as an ideal gift for men. The Launch event was an extraordinary evening with renowned personalities Lisa Haydon, Chitrangada Singh, Shibani Dandekar and Nitesh Chhapru, Head of Marketing, Premium Core Portfolio, United Spirits Limited, who unveiled the Scotch Whisky Collection: An Exceptional Gift for all occasions for men.

Here are 10 reasons why everyone would love Scotch as a Gift.

Today’s gifting industry is aiming at bringing a touch of style, uniqueness and personalization in every piece. While gifting scotch makes it ideal for the men in your life, here’s a little rule that ourselves and everyone must follow.

  • Never Drink and Drive.
  • No Drinks when you are pregnant.
  • Be a Responsible drinker and never force anyone who’s not interested.
  • Your party habits shouldn’t be a nuisance to the privacy and personal space of others.
  • Live and Let Live 🙂

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post and is intended for readers above 25 years of age.

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