Why I hopped on to that Giant Wheel? | Marina Eye, Abu Dhabi

Marina Eye, Abu Dhabi

Bilna Sandeep

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It was few months ago one of our readers tweeted me a Snap of herself in front of the newly placed Giant wheel called the Marina Eye at Abu Dhabi Corniche. I knew at that very moment I wanted to try it. But then its been a while that we have actually gone to the Abu Dhabi Corniche Area and I almost forgot about it.

Marina Eye, Abu Dhabi

Then last week, we had our Friends visiting us from Ajman and our whole gang went about roaming the city. We decided to visit the corniche. We were actually headed to the Heritage village. However, we were informed that due to some movie shooting, the whole area was restricted to public access for the day. We were quite disappointed. But the Giant Wheel in front of the Marina Mall stood strong, tall and proud attracting our attention.


So while we made our way to the “Marina Eye”, there were a few thoughts popping up in my head. I did most of my schooling in a little and beautiful corner of the Arabian world – in Bahrain. During those days, every year we had a school picnic and Bahrain being a very small country, our picnic every year had the same format. We would be covering an educational spot like a museum and then head to our very loved place- the Water Garden. It wasn’t anything like an adventure park or amusement parks of today. It was a very simple park equipped with a few rides. And we had our favorite ride named “the Pirate Ship”. The Pirate ship was considered the most scary ride for all of us and my girl gang took pride in riding in them every year screaming our hearts and souls off. I used to have butterflies in my stomach every time during the down tread. But I remember we used to sing songs ever so loud and scream the fear off.

I had always believed,

“Life is like a Roller Coaster Ride. You can either squeeze your eyes shut & hold on tight until it’s over or Let Go & throw your hands up in the air and scream………….!!!!!!!!!!!”

After the school days I moved to India for higher studies and then we have had several Tours with friends from college. Many amusement parks and adventure rides have been ticked off my bucket list. One of my friend from my girl gang back in Bahrain sent me the video of herself Bungee Jumping at Nepal around 3 years ago. I was so much excited to see her do it. Few weeks ago we met again in Dubai, this time both of us being mommies of little pranksters. We had more to discuss about our boys than any exciting rides. After discussing how naughty our kids are to how lazy our hubbies are when it comes to looking after kids, we had tons of stuffs to discuss.

But then it struck to us. How much have we changed from our past? How different our priorities and thoughts were during our school days.

My priorities have changed. It’s no more about me. Its about my boy and his daddy that comes first to me anywhere. Riding on a Giant Wheel is no were near being adventurous. I have never had those fear of heights and had always loved the big rides. Yet here I am looking up at the Giant Wheel and the first thought was, Can I take my son along? Would it scare him? My hubby was like he’s not coming in for the 5 minute experience. When I asked him why, he joked away saying “I am scared of heights”. I am definitely sure he is not, for he climbs bigger heights for a living. He is a Crane Engineer and he climbs on top of huge cranes.

However, I made up my mind to take that ride. The 50 AED per person was totally worth the experience. The decision to hope in the Giant Wheel was made more because it was an assurance for myself. Little experiences like these still had a place in my heart. My little boy got a little cranky and was sleepy. So I left him with his daddy and hopped in along with my other friends.

“Not to conquer heights, but to conquer my thoughts! “

One of the biggest change that happened to myself after being a mom, is I always put myself and my thoughts behind. There was no more of “myself”. We moms need to put ourselves first at times to remind us that we still exist. We are still alive. We need to keep those spirits of youth alive in us to let go and live free for at least a while. We should learn to embrace life and take our time to laugh out loud, let go off the fears, and find happiness in the little and beautiful moments and experiences.

And guess what! the experience was totally worth it. Though we clicked pictures from above, none of them do perfect justice to the experience and beauty of it. The whole Corniche can be seen so beautifully engulfed between the Bright Blue of the Skies and the Azure Blue of the Arabian Seas.

Few Facts About Marina Eye, Abu Dhabi

Marina Eye, Abu Dhabi

Note: We visited the place at around 3 in the afternoon. It being a bright sunny day, the view from the top was awesome. However, I believe if we were to visit in the evening during the Sunset, the views of the Emirates Palace from above would be priceless.

Have you been to the Marina Eye? Did you enjoy the ride? Do let me know 🙂

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