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MiArt - an online Doodle Art store based in UAE - owned by Madiha

Bilna Sandeep

I am a Civil Engineer by profession who is also in love with putting my words together to help people I come across. After taking a career break and being a Stay At Home Mom for almost 2 years, I recently got back to work. I love to motivate and help boost up the confidence of other mothers in pursuing their passion be it in their Career or in starting their own Business.

When we started our series – The Lady Entrepreneur almost an year ago, we never knew it would become a super hit with our readers. Many of them have come back to us with lovely responses and how it has been inspiring them to take up their hobbies and passions to the next level. Doodling her way to business. That is what our Lady Entrepreneur for the day is upto. Meet Ms. Madiha who has recently started her online FB store – MiArt showcasing her fabulous designs and wall arts through her Doodle Art. We would love to welcome Ms. Madiha to our The Lady Entrepreneur series!

Madiha Q - The lady behind her Doodle Art Store - MiArt
Madiha Q

“MiArt is the page where all my art is at 🙂
A Dubai Based artist. Passionately in love with my work.
I don’t do this because I need to I do it because its true love!”

Hi Madiha, Thank you for accepting our request to be featured on our blog.. could you tell a little about your business to our readers..

First of all Thank you so much for making me a part of your wonderful Lady Entrepreneur Series, I am truly honored.

MiArt is an online art company that focuses on creating abstract, handmade artwork. I myself make all of the designs. My Facebook page, MiArt is used as an outlet for people to obtain one of my works to be used as a decorative piece in their homes. Each one is a “Mia Original” and especially handmade for every customer.

MiArt - an online Doodle Art store based in UAE - owned by Madiha

So when did you start Doodling and how did it become a business?

I actually started doodling last year. I was so fascinated whenever I saw doodle art somewhere. I have always loved art and from time to time I would hunt up my sketchbook to draw something or another whenever felt inspired to create. But once I started doodling it was hard to put away my sketchbook.

It was actually my best friend Esha Zahid who pushed me to actually make an FB page because she was so much confident in my art and me. After six months of thinking I finally decided to give into her wishes. I got help from my younger brother, Nabeel Qureshi, who spent countless hours with me helping me setup the page MiArt.

How do you create your unique designs? What inspires you to create a new design everytime?

I take inspiration from my daily life whether it be an inanimate object or from my playful sons.

For example a couple of months ago we went to Pakistan for a visit and there my favorite mode of transportation is the Auto Rickshaw and that got me thinking what it would look like with Zentangles. And Viola I have a piece if art.

Doodle Art Inspired by a Rikshaw from MiArt - an online Doodle Art store based in UAE - owned by Madiha
Rickshaw Doodle

Another idea I got was when I was sitting with my 3 year old son and was tracing his little hand prints on paper. I realized I wanted to preserve them and so I doodled around them and the handprints are officially preserved and ready for his future bedroom!

Doodle Art Inspired by a Baby Hands from MiArt - an online Doodle Art store based in UAE - owned by Madiha
How cute are those lil hands :)

These are just some of the things that have recently inspired me currently I am all about this beautiful weather we are having and soon I will have piece up that is inspired by the weather!

Every piece has a story and an emotion behind it, however it is up to the viewer to find what the lines mean to them.

Do you also do custom designs based on customer request?

Yes I do that!

In fact I am almost done with my first custom order! And I am super excited to hand deliver it to my very first customer!

How did you learn the art of Doodling?

I taught myself. I have never taken any art classes of any type. Whatever interests me I try to make it and last year it was zentangles! After looking at a couple of pictures of a few drawing it made me realize these are exactly the types of things I have been doodling on the sides of sketchpad except these are all put together. After making my first piece I realized this came naturally to me.

What are your Doodling tools and accessories? On what mediums and surfaces can your customers look for your design other than paper and canvas?

Pencil for the general outline of the main picture and then I use the black gel pen to doodle.

Sometimes I use paint if required and even markers.

I also have recently started a line of greeting cards. So far they have gotten a great response on the page. For now these are all the things I am using to put my designs on but of course if a customer has another idea I will see what I can do for them.

Doodle Art in the form of Greeting Cards from MiArt - an online Doodle Art store based in UAE - owned by Madiha

Though your business is comparatively new, you have already managed to get a large number of Followers for your FB page already..what are your marketing strategies?

My main streams of followers are from a fb group called UAE MUMS where I am an active member. I use to post my earlier drawing on the group and many of the members loved the drawings. As soon as I made the page many of them came themselves. I also now advertise on UAE MUMS weekly for a small fee but it is totally worth it because there are over 12k women in that group.

I use other advertising groups on Facebook, where I also advertise regularly.

So basically marketing strategy = be a very active Fb user 🙂

Doodle Art in the form of Greeting Cards from MiArt - an online Doodle Art store based in UAE - owned by Madiha

Would you mind sharing a little about your family?

I was raised in the States by my parents alongside my 2 younger sisters and 1 little brother. After I got married I moved to Dubai and have been living with my hubby here for the past 8 years. I have 2 beautiful boys who are my pride and joy. My mother in law and father in law also live with us.

With the support of my family in Dubai, America and my best friend Esha Zahid I was able to start this page and continue my passion of art!

How do you manage to find time to manage both family and business hand in hand?

I actually started doing this when my elder son started going to the nursery. Him and my younger one now sleep at 7pm every night and I have all this valuable time on my hands. So I started to dedicate this time to something I really was passionate about.

SO the whole day is dedicated to my family and after 7pm my time starts and that is when I manage my business and do all my art work

What are your Future plans for the business? Where do you see yourself and MiArt in the next 5 years?

Call me a bad business woman but I honestly haven’t thought that far. MiArt is an extremely young company and for now I’m just living in the moment.

Maze from MiArt - an online Doodle Art store based in UAE - owned by Madiha
“Maze” – Isn’t it Amazing?

Lastly what would be your advice to aspiring women who plan to start a new business?

I say GO FOR IT!!!!

DON’T let anyone tell you that you can’t!

All you have to do is take the first step, watch everything  fall into place!

I say this from my experience ladies, I was so scared to even make a page for art but my best friend pushed me till I did!

Rays from MiArt - an online Doodle Art store based in UAE - owned by Madiha
So its time for you to rise and shine just like these beautiful “Rays”

So all of you out there reading this. Go ahead and hit the Like Button on Madiha’s Facebook Page – MiArt to see lots and lots of her works and get all inspired.

  • Contact Phone ( for business inquiries): 0564558939
  • Email: Maqur562@yahoo.com
  • Instagram: @Littlethingsinlife04

If you have a creative hobby or passion, Go for it. Make it happen. It may not be easy in the beginning. Keep your passion alive and you will be there soon. Check out our post on 10 things they didn’t tell you about starting a Home Based Business.

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