A buzzing Evening at the Kozhikode Beach

A Buzzing Evening at Kozhikode Beach

Bilna Sandeep

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Last month during our two week break in Kerala, we made a trip to Kozhikode, to visit my best friend from college. She has a little cute bundle of joy. The main purpose of the visit was to see the little new member in her family. We had a fabulous lunch from her home (the people of Kozhikode are well known throughout Kerala for their hospitality and Super tasty dishes they prepare for their guests 🙂 ). And then we had one more friend to visit at Kozhikode. We finished it all and reached back in town by 5 pm and we almost had one and half hours left to catch our train back home.

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Kozhikode Beach is just few minutes away from the Railway Station. That’s the most fabulous thing about a city. Having a beach so close by to the heart of the town. Wow!! What I loved most about the beach is the lovely city buzz spread to the beach. Most of the beaches in Kerala has a trend to get deserted soon after Sunset and it is then no more suitable for women and kids!! But this beach being so close to the city has a different story to offer. You find women and kids even late into the night and it feels safer!

A buzzing Evening at the Kozhikode Beach
Remains of the old “Kadalpaalam” (bridge to the sea)

Our little boy loves travelling just like us. He loved this visit to the beach. Growing up in Abu Dhabi, he is not used to seeing beaches with such strong waves. He looked very amazed at every thing he saw. He was watching the Buzz around the beach. The vendors, the people flying kites were all totally new to his little eyes. I loved the curiosity in his eyes and I couldn’t stop clicking his expression.

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A Buzzing Evening at Kozhikode Beach

Another sight that my little boy loved was a group of kids in uniform probably on a picnic from a Kindergarten. They came in a very obedient line with their teachers and were made to sit forming a line in the beach. They were eagerly waiting to see the Sunset.

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A Buzzing Evening at Kozhikode Beach
The kids from a Kindergarten eagerly waiting for the Sunset

As the sun slowly went down, we went ahead and bought a few Kallummakkai (Mussels)snacks from a street vendor. They were so yummy. We got it packed for our refreshments during the Train Journey and settled ourselves down on the tiled concrete seats where people sat down enjoying the Sunset view of the beach. Another vendor selling hot roasted Peanuts passed by and we bought two packs from him.

A Buzzing Evening at Kozhikode Beach

And the moments passed by as we talked and sometimes watched in silence the people and the buzz of the town as it spread through the waves and breeze of the sea.

A Buzzing Evening at Kozhikode Beach

And the Sun slowly went down the horizon! It looked like the Sun was a little reluctant to go seeing the Buzz and Beauty of this beautiful little town of Kerala!

Have you ever been to Kerala? What do you like the most about this beautiful place? Do you also love watching Sunset at the Beach? Do let me know 🙂

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A Buzzing Evening at Kozhikode Beach

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