How to Start a Blog and Start Making Money from Home

how to start a blog & start making money from home

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Ever since my dear friends and family realized my love for blogging, I have been asked this question several times – ” How to Start a Blog and Start Making Money from Home “. The decision to be a Stay At Home Mom was my choice I made almost an year ago. And to be frank, blogging happened as an accident. As time passed my interest to blog started growing. Then on there was no turning back.

In the last one year, I have learned so many stuffs about blogging, social media, affiliate marketing and lots more. If you are keen on making money from here, there are so many choices out there. before you decide to be a blogger, here are few things you need to find an answer to. Ask these questions to yourself and spend a day or two in coming up with an answer.

  1. Can I dedicate at least 2 hours a day to blogging and making money?
  2. Is blogging the right choice for me?
  3. You cannot start earning all of a sudden. Blogging takes a lot of passion and patience. It takes a lot of effort to set the blog, get people to read your blog, and do the marketing. You may not have a single income for maybe an year or so.
  4. Blogging is a continuous effort and journey. Are you prepared to out in those efforts?
  5. What should I write about? Yes it is a good idea to choose your niche.
  6. What kind of audience should I target? In terms of Interest and Geography.
  7. Am I ready to learn new things, both technical and creative everyday?

How to start a blog and start making money from homeIf your answer to all these questions is a YES, then you are definitely in for this blogging game. I can take you around through a continuous series of posts to help you start, develop and grow your blog. First things first. I would give you a brief up on How to start the Blog and The basic Methods of Income you can choose based on my experience. These are the basic articles I plan to write on here in this series with maybe a little more that can come soon. I shall keep updating this space so that this shall eventually become a blogging resource for all of the newbie bloggers.

How to Start a Blog?

If you are still doubtful if blogging is the right thing for you, then I suggest you start on a FREE platform. All you need to do is sign up for an account on There are also other platforms like Blogger, Tumblr etc. I would recommend you not to waste your time and head to Take my word. You wouldn’t regret it later. And do not worry. You can always move to a self hosted platform later by following these steps.

If you are already serious about blogging, here’s the real deal. Let’s divide the whole process into 3 main steps.

  • Select your Domain Name and Hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Make it look good

Choosing a Webhost and Domain Name

There are many companies out there that provide you with hosting services. However, for a beginner, I would recommend to go with Bluehost. Mainly because it is simple and easy. Plus it is recommended by WordPress. And they have 24×7 live chat support, if you get stuck any where. Moreover, they also provide you with free domain name. Plus they also provide you with free Domain Name for an year.

Step 1: Choosing your Hosting Plan

I would suggest you go for the basic plan. As a starter you would only need this plan.

how to start a blog and start making money from home

Step 2: So let’s now choose your Domain Name. My Domain name is “”. Why I chose this Domain Name is a long story for later. But I suggest you choose the name that best suits the niche of your blog. Get creative and choose something that best suits your idea. Now head to and click “sign up now”. You can now check if your domain is available. It is always better to go with (.com ).

how to start a blog and start making money from home

Once you have chosen your Domain Name, You now need to enter your personal information.

how to start a blog and start making money from home

Now the Next Step is to fill in your Package information and Payment details. Going for 36 months package can give you a good savings. But if you are tight on the financial side to start with (in my case, I could afford only one year plan), go for 12 months plan.

how to start a blog and start making money from home

Once you make your payment you can now sign in to your account. Next step is Installing WordPress.

Installing WordPress

Login to your C Panel. Scroll to Mojo Market Place. Go to the section One Click Installs. This will take you to the page Scripts and Platforms.

All you need to do next is click on the WordPress Icon.

how to start a blog and start making money from home

This opens the installation window. Click on the Green Start Button.

how to start a blog and start making money from home

You are almost there. A few more to go.

Select your domain and click Check Domainhow to start a blog and start making money from home

Select Show Advanced Options. Now you can choose your username and password. Check the terms and conditions box. Click on Install Now.

wordpress installation 3

Once done you can log in to your wordpress dashboard. (Go to your Admin URL to login. Mine looks like this. ).

Enter your username and password.

Make it Look Good (The Last Touch Ups)

Now you officially have a blog! Wow!!!! 🙂 Next step is to make it look good. There are a lot of FREE Built in themes in wordpress itself. Click here to see how to install wordpress themes.

If you want to make your blog look all professional, I suggest you go for premium themes like Genesis or Elegant Themes. The best thing about Elegant themes is they are very economical.

Blogging Basics for the Newbies

For Food Bloggers:

If you are serious about developing your food blog, you should definitely sign up for Food Blogger Pro. It is not available throughout the year. You may need to join their waiting list. Meanwhile you can download their FREE E-Book – 10 mistakes that Bloggers make and how to fix them – E Book. They also have this FREE E-book for bloggers – The number one thing.

If you started your Blog on FREE WordPress platform, here’s How to move your blog to a Self Hosted Platform?

Check out the Topics below for Further Reading and Developing your Blog. I shall keep adding the full set of resources in this page soon. Meanwhile, You may follow our Pinterest Board – Blogging Tips and Tricks to get all the resources for developing your blog.

First Six Months of Blogging – What to concentrate on?

How to Grow Your Blog?

How to make Money From Your Blog?

  • Basic ways by which bloggers make money through blogging?
  • How to use your Social media influence to earn money?
  • How to use Affiliate Marketing to earn money?
  • The Best Shareasale Affiliate Programs for Bloggers
  • How to get Sponsored posts for your Blog?

Blogging Resources:

Check Out my Full list of Blogging Resources and Tips that I use on my blog.

Ever since I started blogging, I have been keeping a Pinterest Board for keeping all the best tips and resources I come across. You can follow this board Blogging Tips to see all the resources I come up on a daily basis from around the world.

Online Free Resources:

The best online resources I have found regarding blogging are from these websites:

  1. Problogger
  2. WPbeginner – this site really provides you with lots of technical information you would require to build your blog using WordPress Platform.
  3. ShoutMeLoud


The best blogging resources that I found in books are these. ProBlogger: Secrets for blogging your way to a Six Figure Income, by Daren Rowse, the man behind the best blogging resources website (Problogger) is an amazing source of information for all those serious about blogging. How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My Blog by Bob Lotich is another best seller on Amazon.


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      Very much…For me it was one year of regular hardwork and patience. Though I did not initially have an intention to monetise it happened on the go. As for my blog it’s more of a platform for me and majority of earnings happens through social media promotion…

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