The Stick or the Tongue | How do you Discipline Kids and Toddlers?

The Stick or The Tongue? How do you Discipline kids and Toddlers?


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Yes.. When she misbehaves or runs out of control a stick or may be my tongue does the job. And its upon us to decide which should apparently do its job.

So this incident happened about a month back. We do travel in airplanes occasionally. It was first time for my younger kid and third for my elder one. I was worried for the little girl as it was her first time. My elder one was merrily enjoying the airport facilities and the escalators and was gleaming with joy watching airplanes take off and land. She had already made friends with half of the people in the check in lobby. To my surprise the plane was delayed for an hour and half. This was troublesome for the chatter box and she was eventually getting tired. As soon as the bus came to pick up us, the devil in her started crying for nothing. She was a mess to handle as other passengers were extremely interested in why she was crying. The whimpers got louder and she was literally not willing to get into the plane. The air-hostess and half of the ground support team were trying to attract her into the plane.

The Stick or The Tongue? How do you Discipline kids and Toddlers?I had to take her inside after a big mouth shout. She didn’t even bother to consider my plightful situation. My mother was travelling along with me and she was handling the little girl who was by then fast asleep. Somehow i shove her in the seat and fastened the seat belt. She had still not stopped. As soon as the announcement for take off was made she started saying that she has to get off the plane and the cries were louder for the co -passengers. I was even worried of her throwing up. I asked her grabbing all the patience inside me to sit and watch the clouds and have her favourite fruits. Though she started on a high note again , she softened up and started talking as if nothing had happened.

The journey was pleasant afterwards and she slept during the landing. This incident left me questioning myself. I have been since then taking serious behavioral issues very mildly, explaining things to her in her way, rather than physically punishing her or shouting at her. Sometimes, a karizma inside us does that job. The same patience and talks have been upon her using the switches and playing with her little sister.

Mommies, sometimes to sooth the devil in our kids we have to push our limits. Patience can do wonders while dealing with kids. But yes some times it becomes important to punish. In that case , do explain them why they were punished and why they should not have done the little crime.

Have a great time with kiddos..

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How do you react to your kids Temper Tantrums? How do you Discipline kids and Toddlers? Do leave your comments below.. Is it the stick or tongue that works?

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2 thoughts on “The Stick or the Tongue | How do you Discipline Kids and Toddlers?

  • October 16, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    Great Blog. I have a 6 year old boy and I have been blamed for being too soft in it…

    • November 22, 2015 at 11:46 am

      I hubby too says I am too soft on my boy…but as long as he doesn’t understand what I punish him for there is no point in hurting him..I try my best to be patient and try to tell him in a way he could understand. .

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