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Weaning from bottle to cup


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Weaning from bottle to cup
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This is all about the very common feeding habits in kids and infants. A very common issue with kids will be weaning from bottle to cup. As a mother of two my elder daughter still has a greater affinity to milk fed in bottle. Whilst she refuses to drink by a cup. I had tried giving her milk by various other methods and put myself into a very pathetic situation of spillage and staining.

As a part of weaning off I had even played dumb and hid her bottle, which resulted in a long term rejection of milk. This was alarming for me. She had been on bottle feed since a year and half, and milk was essential element in her nutrition.

On failing I had to restart the use of her bottle. Since then two things have been my priority

  1. Proper sterilization of the bottle each time i use it.
  2. Timely change of the nipple with adequate cleaning of the bottle.

Though people around me have been terrorizing me about the infections and stomach related troubles which can be caused because of bottle feeding, I have decided to stay calm and watch my baby have her milk in sumptuous satisfaction. It is always a pleasure to see kids having tummy full of happiness.

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So mommies please don’t stress yourself about weaning off the bottle. Your kid is gonna have milk mostly till the age of 5 years. Let them have it their way.

“And let us not the myth break our kids’ nutrition wall”.


Did you wean your kids successfully from bottle to cup? Was it stressful? We love to see the lil Tummy full of Happiness 🙂 Be it cup or bottle…What’s your take on it mommies.. Leave your comments below.

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