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Well. This happens in every new generation home. A very hard earning father leaves for his prestigious job and a career quitted mother waves a bye filled with not so happy eyes. As the door shuts the entire thoughts of the duties and jobs that she has to render with smile and happy face pours through her mind. She walks with all the heaviness and finally with all job done she cuddles with her little one with her smart phone.

Why a smart phone with your baby ? 

This question is always striking me. The smart phone which steals the precious mommy-baby time, the smart phone which takes pictures of the little one staring at the flash point damaging those tiny eyes..
From the point of view of the mother.. She is having that time of pleasure looking at the pictures and posts and commenting on a few. But yes the baby next to you is missing a friend, a playmate.

Mommys.. There a large number of cases reported in many of the pediatric consultant records which say that kids don’t speak a lot even after a period of an year. There are cases of hyperactivity also registered. These major issues can be resolved just by talking to them. Letting kids talk to you about any thing under the sun makes you their bestie for a long term.

They will open up their little imaginative mind of theirs into a big canvas which can make them the stronger person tomorrow.
A bit of time each day.. A moment of bonding with love.. The cuddles with love .. The blah blahs with an appreciation.. The stories with actions.. The pictures with lots of colours to fill.. This is all they need..

Lets throw away the smart phone for sometime and just be that idiotic and stupid playmate of our kids. If we don’t listen to them now when will they listen to us.??

Talk.. Take them to a differnt world.. Be their talkative mommy..


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  • September 27, 2015 at 9:24 am

    I love the phrase ” Be a talkative mommy ” ver much …..Since it refelects me ….. 🙂

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