A Mom’s real life experience with Vitamin D Deficiency in both her kids

Vitamin D Deficiency in Kids


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“It is not easy to be a mother”. These words kept buzzing around my mind when I was just brought in to the room after my second delivery. The panic struck mind of mine was reflecting in every thing. The legs of my second baby were exact copies of her elder sister. It was hardly hours after the delivery and my gynecologist had advised me to visit a plastic surgeon who can rectify the problem.

Vitamin D Deficiency in KidsMy elder daughter then was just about to celebrate her second birthday. Her bend legs were all that worried the people whom she had been interacting with since the day I was admitted. Though the same problem was earlier with her,  the gravity and the anxiety about the bend legs were growing.

To my help came my cousin sister who is a pediatrician too. She has had a similar situation with her not so big boy. He was also showing worsened symptoms of Rickets. Now, this one word had put me through sleepless nights of googling and reading almost every possible information about the treatment. Rickets is deficiency disease caused due to the lack of Vitamin D in kids which can result in uneven calcification of calcium in the bones and hence in the bending of the legs / limbs. The Neonatologist at the  hospital had also mentioned about giving Vitamin D3 drops to my newborn baby.

Although we had a real trauma period detecting the amount of illness in my baby with a blood sample collection and X-ray, the doctor turned out to be an angel. From the fear of wearing braces on those tiny legs , she was given ten weeks medication followed by routine visits to the clinic.

The medication is still on and my baby is healthy as of now.

But a small piece of advice that the pediatrician had offered to me was to spread awareness about the same.

During pregnancy almost every mother wishes to remain in the peak of comfort. But showing your baby bump a bit of direct sunlight would save you from all this panic. It was just not myself alone who was in the club. My co sister also has a similar situation with her younger son.

So.. Dear mommy-to-be people. Show your baby bump a bit of sun. The little baby inside you can really feel that warmth too.


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2 thoughts on “A Mom’s real life experience with Vitamin D Deficiency in both her kids

  • September 25, 2015 at 3:13 am

    A very important point! We do think of taking care of our growing babies in the womb in every possible way, from taking pregnancy vitamins, to eating nourishing food, but the idea of showing our womb to the sun may not occur to many of us!

    • September 29, 2015 at 11:29 am

      True….that’s one of the neglected points during pregnancy…

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