Why We don’t Talk on Phone Anymore : A Mom’s Confession!

why its difficult for mothers to make a phone call

Bilna Sandeep

Bilna Sandeep is the founder of this blog. She is a Civil Engineer by profession who is currently on a career break to enjoy the joys of motherhood with her almost 2 year old naughty little boy. During her free time, she loves to write, blog and speak up for the causes she care for in the society.

I was never a smart phone person until I decided to stay at home with my little boy. It was then that I extensively started using my smartphone for networking, Whatsapping, reading blogs, reading news and in no time, this little piece of technology at the swipe of my fingers soon became my window to the world.

But my friends and relatives would by now have realized that I rarely call them. While the ones on Facebook, Whatsapp etc. know I am still alive. Some of them even asked me, you have so much of time to blog and yet we find no calls from you.

Here’s Why We don’t Talk on Phone Anymore! A Mom’s Confession!

why its difficult for mothers to make a phone call
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1. I Love to Keep in Touch:

I always love to keep in touch with my dear and near friends. And I do not intend to make an excuse saying I have no time to call you all. But, once you are a mom, putting your little one to nap during day time becomes one of the most difficult tasks. And my phone is always kept in the silent mode to not disturb his daytime sleep which is a Luxury for me.  I text, I Blog and do everything possible sitting next to a sleeping baby to keep in touch with the world around me.

2. I Rarely call you:

How much I love to talk to people and friends! But in reality, every time I make up my mind and somehow evade my little boy to make that exclusive few minutes to talk to my friends, there is this deadly silence coming from next room, where I left my little boy to watch his favorite cartoon. So while dialing the number, I slowly move to the door to take a little sneak peak to the next door to see what the little prankster is up to. And Oh My God! There he is trying to climb over the TV stand to have a close watch of his favorite Alex from Madagascar! Whoo! I am done! I even forget I dialed someone from my phone!

3. Short Term Memory Loss:

Okay! And another day you called me up asking why I had called you and did not even bother to say a Hello (Refer to point No.2 for the reason). Then I go on and try to tell you what happened while I sniff something burning! Uff! Catya later dear! My chicken stew needs my attention! And in half an hour I forget the conversation between us even happened! A month later while I see a photo of yourself on Facebook, chilling out at a beach in some beautiful country, I remember! Oh I did tell ya I would call you back! Right?

4.My phone is no more a Phone!

Finally the moment is right! I take all the risks on earth to find that precious time to have some little chit chat with those long lost buddies! And here we are talking on phone after ages! Damn! Here comes my boy! Amma! Alo?? Alo?? “………..!@#$$$” Hey my boy wants to talk to you! Dear tell Hello Aunty! “Alo” Alo……now he starts playing and he starts his touching the screen and the story goes on…I end up picking his favorite video for him to watch! Good bye Good Old Phone talks!

5. I Miss those long Phone calls!

What more reasons would you need? Are you also a mom who love to talk and catch up with those old buddies? What’s your story? Let us know through comments below!

P.S I am not complaining! I love every moment of this busy life! 🙂 It’s just that I do miss my good old friends too 🙂

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